To The Warrior of Peace, An Open Letter

Dear Warrior of Peace,


You are an individual footprint in the paved path of the Universe and your mission is to be unapologetically who you were born to be.  Who you are.

When you can be you in all your glory (even in all your very real moments that don’t feel like glory), you help others become who they are meant to be.

Your freedom frees.  You are a warrior of peace.

We are all in this together, and to make sense of why we find ourselves here, we must first find ourselves. Period.

Go on a trip. Stop saying and start doing. Stop exaggerating. Allow yourself to get pissed off.

Allow your feelings to exist. Brace yourself as they work through you so you can let them work for you.  You are a warrior of peace.

Love without apology. Remind yourself that love is not some conditioned game we learned in order to manipulate others.

Love can not fit inside your human heart; rather, it pours out of your human heart.

warrior of peaceStand up for others if you’re having a difficult time standing up for yourself.   Show yourself the way; you already are the way.

You’re the solution. The resolution. The panacea to your distress. Stop looking elsewhere; look within.  You are a warrior of peace.

Accept the rigid parts inside of you. The heart’s hurts, the dirty thoughts, the tireless dreams – they are yours and yours alone. Honor them. Cherish them.

Come home to them.

Nothing is ever worth avoiding, but I know there are days when you think everything should be.  If you’ve been there, remember your True self…

It’s time to stop wasting your days trying to escape the call that we’ll all eventually have to answer; we’ll all have to pick up that phone when it rings at some point.

Why not make it today? Why not stand tall on your own two feet?

Why not save your self from your self?

You are the hottest lifeguard on the beach, and as such, you can give yourself the best mouth to mouth of your life.

Resuscitate yourself.

Allow your dreams to breathe; your heart to wildly beat. Allow your thoughts to reposition from ‘me’ to ‘we’.  Because we are all warriors of peace.

Be part of the story you want to tell; be the hero in the movie of your life.

Don’t let somebody else tell you you’re not capable. You are.

I know this and you do too.

Stop questioning and jump.

You will land where you’re supposed to be.

Cause you’re already there.

Right here.

You are already a warrior of Peace.

You just may not be aware of it.

Or maybe you are.

Five points for you.  For all of you.

Keep shining your light so you can help others find their way home.

Thanks for your commitment and thanks for sharing your soul.


The Universe


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