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If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a hard time letting go.  Of things.  Of people and relationships.  Of memories.

My life has been filled with spiritual temper tantrums, pride, and defiance.  Yet, on the other side of my ego, I always meet what I call ‘sweet surrender’.

Once I’ve had enough of myself, I always eventually come around to the next step in the surrendering process on my spiritual journey.   Doing so by releasing my personal stories and beliefs in exchange for what the Universe wants for me, I am guided to a happy heart and calm mind.  It’s taught me that…

Every moment, we are losing what we knew only to discover what we know.


This constant exchange keeps us alive and powerful like the sea and tidal changes themselves.

We are forever forced to loosen our grip on the hold that we were so sure of yesterday. The relationship that we held so dear. The disappointment that we know is for our better. The friend who we love more than they love themselves.

We are asked to let go, and our response is why? Why give us great beauty only to take it away? Why be the only survivor with the scars of memories past on this messy spiritual journey?

spiritual journey

To tell the story.

To be able to keep the soul’s of those whom we meet alive. To weave the delicate pattern of the story of the interconnectedness of all humans. To give hope to those whom have given up looking for these answers.

We are the brave ones. The lucky ones. The hurt ones. We are sometimes volatile, and angry… our egos are sometimes bruised and beaten and yet we always come back to our senses.

Because that’s all we have.  This is our spiritual journey, our life, our chance.

Our memories are ours. Our experiences are our victories, and our courage takes new shape as we stake claim in the strength of our traumas; the reason for our tears.

Without one another, we are nothing. Just a speck within a speck of the Universe, and yet, in that speck, we are everything. We are the roaring river, the owl’s howl at dusk, the meadow that thrives in a mixture of sunshine and inclimate weather. We are the storm. We are the light. It is all us, in its temporary state of satisfaction that is everlasting.

When we study the dichotomy of life, we are taught pleasure and pain, defeat and strife, and a whole hell lot of smiles and laughter too.

We are taught that we are here for our soul to acquire what it came here to acquire, and until it reaches what it came here for, there may be some unrest within. There will also be moments, hours, and days of sweet and tasty peace, like lilac bushes in the bloom of spring. There will be days that we wish could last forever, and days that we don’t wish for at all.

Through it all, this is what we will call our life.  Our spiritual journey.  We will look back one day and hopefully smile, without our sunglasses on, seeing the reality of this earth that we are all born here to share. This earth that loves us without asking for anything in return; this earth that is our home and that we have the opportunity to leave in a better condition than we found it.

Where ever we may go, here we are. Every time we will try to run, escaping the emotional burn of the past, we will always sink in defeat on our own two feet. We will collapse. We’ll shriek into the loneliness of our heart, asking for help.  Asking for guidance.

That moment we ask, we receive.

That moment we break down and surrender is the moment when we will find ourselves being put back together. There’s only up to travel; there’s only one way to go. And that’s north.

Every sign post, every compass, and every bad decision will always point us in the direction we are meant to go; That we are going.

All positivity stems from the ability to understand what negativity is; to be sure of who we are.

When you find yourself immobile, high-strung, cemented with no where to go, remember this will not last forever. This is a temporary and fleeting moment, just as this life is.

Yet, in this fleeting life of a spiritual journey, we get to live unapologetically. We get to learn the authenticity of our voice because we know what it means to have suffered. We know what it means to hurt. We also know what is best for us, and that we are either our best ally, or our worst.

In our power of choice, in the divine law of self-responsibility, is where our enjoyment comes. When we can take ownership of who we are on every level, the sun seems to shine at a mega-wattage. The days become child’s play. The lessons we are here to learn are accepted with grace and gratitude.

There, in this gracious acceptance, we find what we were put here to find. The people who love us show up, and suddenly, their eyes light up when we enter the room.

We find those souls whom see us the way we want to be seen; in the lens of their camera, we are illuminated.  

We are set free. We are whole.

And that’s exactly what we all are: Whole.

In all our travesty, our self-manipulation, and our warm and fuzzy heart, we are whole. And we are home.

Don’t be afraid of the tidal tides of life, as when you flow with nature, you are brought to the sea of your dreams.

Happy Unraveling,

Garrett Paknis


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