Kiss Self Doubt Goodbye For Good (with Video)



Nobody has done what you can do, so stop doubting yourself.



Stop keeping your fantastic, freer than free heart trapped in the broom closet and let it sweep all over this and every other town.


It’s time to play peek-a-boo so the world can say “oh, is that who?” when they reference you — yes, you.

You.  That’s the only person you have to get honest with. You’re the only person you have to self-validate.  There’s no reason for self doubt.

You are the only person who can do what you’re meant to do and you’re the only person who is, well, you.

That’s a super power. It’s like a drug, and it’s so powerful they should make it illegal.

Yet they should still bottle it up and sell it because when you drink it down – when you drink the essence of who you are – you blossom and grow into the beast of love that you were born to be.

Let yourself roar and let it rip for all to see. Never doubt your ability because its uncanny to anything anyone’s ever seen, and quite honestly, everything is subjective anyways.

I mean, even Shakespeare had his doubters in his day.  Do you think he was spending his day worrying with self doubt?

So don’t you worry about the naysayers — keep being your own yes.  

Haters gonna hate, but lovers gonna love… and if you’re reading this, you can bet you’re the latter.

You can also bet you’re the ladder to every dream that you have. You just have to climb it by your brave and powerful self, knowing that your two feet will take you every step of the way. You just have to trust those two feet.

You just have to trust yourself.

So jump. Dare to live. Dare to follow your dreams – to live by your heart, to trust that there is a holy opportunity waiting for you under the sun and the stars.

This sky is all of ours and you and I breathe the same air. We have the same hopes. We even have the same fears.

But those fears are yesterday’s news – and today, right now, you are stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking free.

Doesn’t that feel phenomenal?  Like glory? Doesn’t that feel like the real you?

In the comments, write three ways you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone below. I love hearing from you because it keeps you accountable – and me too.

All you have to do is believe — in yourself.  Wave goodbye to self doubt.

You’re allowed to take a chance because what is within you needs to come out, even if it isn’t pretty.  It’s real, so it’s beautiful. Take its hand and guide it, knowing that life is just practice – -we are always crafting and learning and growing each and every day.

Give yourself the chance of yourself  — to grow, to come out of hiding, to write your first word or paint your first stroke. Just allow.

Allow. Allow. Allow.

It’s a process, and making progress is a process too, and today is when it all begins.

Your life is calling.

Tell its story.

Tell its tale. Of resilience. Of strength. Of overcoming fear.

Tell its story.

That’s what they call glory.

Garrett Paknis


Kiss Self Doubt Goodbye

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