Saturn Return: Growing Through It

Are you in your mid-to-late 20s (or mid 50s, or 80s), experiencing massive changes in your life that are burning a hole in your soul and you’re wondering what the heck is going on?  I’ll tell you what the heck is going on:  You’re going through Saturn Return, and your entire life is about to change.

Saturn Return is an astrological phenomenon that takes place *approximately!* every 28 years.  It’s when the planet Saturn has completed an entire orbit around the sun and winds up in the same position that it was when you were born into this beautiful world.  Our first saturn return in our life is the most dramatic:  It’s when you say sayonara to childhood and embrace adulthood, yet you can be sure that the transition won’t always be a walk in the park.

In fact, our first saturn return is more like an abrupt wake up call.  It’s a message to get your shit in order, before it becomes too late.  It’s a time in our life where things may fall apart, only so that new, better suited things may take its place.

  • You may lose friends.
  • You may switch careers.
  • Your wonderful relationship may suddenly end.
  • You may spend most days an emotional mess, for years.
  • Your worst habits will have a magnifying glass on them, and you’ll see yourself clearly for the first time.  You may not like who this person is, and you may begin to freak out. This is totally normal.

I know this well because these are the things that happened to me.  My entire life fell apart, yet, Saturn always gifts us a silver lining to replace the destruction of the life we once knew.  In place of losing everything, I realized that I was able to gain a life that fed my soul instead of depleted it:  I learned who I was and tapped into my strength and full potential with Saturn’s helping mystical hands.

Saturn Return: Just EnlightenmentThe thing to know is that everything happens in this life for you — not to you.  Everything you’re experiencing is an opportunity to learn even more about yourself, and let’s face it… we all have shadow sides (the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden from others).

Darkness isn’t overcome by keeping it within… it’s overcome by letting the light meet it.  Saturn can be that light.

Saturn is the cosmic mama you’ll be glad you have.  She’s stern, and she may smack your booty when you get out of hand, but she’s only got your best interests in mind.  She wants you to take full responsibility for your life so that you can live the best life that’s waiting for you.


Tips For Surviving Saturn Return:


  • Get serious about something (your health, job, organization, relationships).  Saturn likes organization, like, a lot.
  • Meditation can save your life — like it did for me.  Click below to get a free guided meditation of mine that will help feel relaxed:

                            Get My Free Guided Meditation

  • The more time you spend focusing on your internal world, the better your external world will become.
  • Ditch your nasty diet and sustain yourself with whole, natural foods.  Our bodies are changing as we get older, and implementing a better diet will pay off in better energy levels and mental clarity.


Are you wondering how long you’re going to be going through these changes?!  The length of Saturn’s sometimes not-so-sweet return varies for each individual; 2-3 years is normal, which was roughly the length of the brute force of mine as well.  Some people go through changes quickly, within a year (lucky!), and if you’re already pretty organized and “mature”, then you may not experience severe Saturn symptoms at all.

If you are experiencing those severe Saturn symptoms though, the one thing to remember is:  IT GETS BETTER.

Your life will transform in positive ways even on the days when it seems like that’s the last thing that will ever happen.  I promise:  The sun always comes out from hiding from the clouds because the sun is always there in the sky to begin with.  It doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just our perspective, and sometimes our perspective can be foggy when we’re going through deep internal changes.

Give yourself some credit.  Congratulate yourself on a daily basis.  Life may be taking you for a wild ride, but it’s gearing you up for some incredible experiences.  Be willing to surrender to the process of change that is unfolding within you and you’ll see that your dreams can become your reality in due time.

Every ounce of effort and change pays off in ways that exceed any expectations we could ever have.

Keep going.  Keep going.  Keep changing.

Saturn is your friend, and your saturn return is an opportunity to create the life you most want to live.

Garrett Paknis

*If you’re going through Saturn return, leave me a comment down below and let me know what’s been going on for you.  It’s great to not feel so alone in the experience, plus I’ll offer any insight I have.* 

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  • Carlos Felipe Ribeiro Carvalho

    Amazing. I am experiencing this, but I never called this a return to Saturn. Maybe because I know nothing about Saturn. I am going to search about it. But it is incredible how your words, are almost the same as mine (like I said, I know nothing about this Saturn “thing”. YET…). I am 24 years old. I live in São Paulo – Brazil, I am about to drop out my college (Business administration-my last semester, btw, but I can’t go there anymore. I am feeling that I need to get out college, like, RIGHT FREAKING NOW! lol). And I got out of my old job (at a American company, here in Brazil) this year. So… Everything is changing. Let me know if u read this. Thank you. I really appreciate what you are doing. Love and Peace always!

    • Hey Carlos!
      Thanks for reaching out and for all your INCREDIBLE support. I saw your comment on YouTube and I was truly touched today. I would love to help you understand what’s going on deeper if you’d like. I work as a spiritual mentor/energy healer and would be happy to jump on Skype or something for a free consult/clarity session if you’re looking for insight about school / your life’s purpose. Let me know if you want to set up a time to talk… it’d be fun to connect!!! I definitely feel like we’ve “met” for a reason. 🙂
      My email is and I hope to hear from you soon. Also happy to just answer some questions via email. Whatever you need brother!
      Much love and many blessings,

      • Glynnis Pitcher

        Garret maaan I appreciate u reading my message and responding. However I left my phone number. I don’t know it I done it right threw my email. If it’s not a problem. I WUD apperiate it at the Upmost if u wud call me. I like voices. Especially when I’m expressing myself. Fully. We Humans has just lost communication skills. Touch. See. Hear. Let me know if u receive this message. I want to talk to u. Not just Tex all the time at this time talk. Thanks with all due respect

        • Hi Glynnis,

          I would be happy to talk on the phone if we set up a time. Right now, I am in four days of yoga training and have been waking up at 3:30am and am done in the evening for four days straight.
          I work professionally as a healer, and while I’d love to help everyone if I could, I do charge $150 for a session.
          If you are not looking for a session, then I would be happy to simply help out on email.
          Much appreciation,


    • Glynnis Pitcher

      Hey Carol this is my first time on here yes I’m knew to this group. I read ur message. And ur SOOO right to follow ur spirt and gut and do ur own research on SATURN always take ur own Inventory. On Eva thing. EVA BODY. It’s better to be a Doer tben a HEARER. This is just me speaking. As far as college. I agree with u. To me it’s just a bunch of man made BS. Most Humans that paid they way for BS so called MAN piece of paper system. Can’t even get a decent job. Especially the field they studied. In this sick man made System. It’s not what u know it’s who u know. School always was a joke to me. Especially HISTORY that lied about my entire History. I learned more when I got out school then in school. The or turning our men gay and women gay. It’s a shame that this man made System. TRIES TO determine who u TRULY OR by piece paper and a test. It just INHUMAN. MOST of the time when u guys take a test for a job u spent alll ur time in college. All ur time paying back the elite REPTILES student loans. Before I no it. Once again ur working for them. Cause thas were all ur money goes to. Who want to spend the rest they life getting threats from theses INHUMAN PPL call the federal government ur loans back. Reading all thoses MAN MADE BOOKS. And nothing in THOSES BOOKS TELLS U about you. It a waste breath. Energy. Time. Thoughts. SCHOOLS OR NO MORE THEN PRISONS AND THE TEACHERS OR THE POLICES. ALWAYS FOLLOW UR. INNER GUT. TESEARCH SATURN. AND THE MOON. BECAUSE. .Y ANCESTORS WHICJ SOME OR STILL LIVING TODAY. CALL THE DOGAN TRIBE. THAT FROM PLANET SIRUS. AND GOT MUCH PROOF TO BACK IT UP. NOT ONLY THAT TRIBE OF PPL. SAYS. DOIN THERE TIME. THERE WAS NEVA A MOON. THE MOON JUST CAME ABOUT YRS AGO. THEY NEVA HAD A MOON. THE MOON IS HOLLOW. MEANING. SOMEONE OR PPL. PUTIT THERE. IT WAS CREATED BY MAN. DONT LISTEN TO ME. GO LOOK IT UP FOR URSELF. I OFTEN GET VISITS FROM THE MOON. BUT FIND OUT THE BEINS. THAT PUT IT THERE. RESEARCH TAKE UR OWN INVENTORY. EVERTHING THAT LOOK GOOD SND SOUNDS GOOD ANIT ALWAYS WHAT IT IS. THE TRUTH AND POWER LIES WITHIN YOU. TRUST SELF.

  • Glynnis Pitcher

    Garret. Eye goin threw saturn on Saturdays. The SUN ON Sundays. The MOON ON Mondays. Stars and all the other planets. I’m going threw the lost and guilt of the only SPIRITUAL BEIN THA ever showed me Unconditional Love for 11 yrs. Something tha HUMANS NEVA showed me. I can’t eat sleep think my heart soul weeps daily. My DOG SKYLIER trying to except my daughter moving in with her life. No man in my life. No friends and Neva was close with my mother or silbings. Because of who eye am. Leader and not a follower im EMPATHY. I’m aggressive. I have wisdom. I’m strong. I’m sad. I’m good. I’m bad. I’m up I’m down. I have NOOOOO friends at ALLL. Even when I’m in a crowd or around HUMANS. I’m still alone. I’m a PPL person. Many comes to me with their problems to get my input. Strangers out blue just talks to me and tell me their problems. I feel other PPL EMOTIONS. I know when others or lien and fake and u let them know it. My body and mind just can’t digest BS no more. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to be here anymore. I say and do things and get bored with it and Dont file up. I hate rules. Ive gotten fire off EVA JOB I’ve had. Because I just don’t like MAN MADE controlling system. I DINT live my life with what time it is. I’ve Neva had a clock in my house. I’m soooo DAM lonely as fuck. I rather be with the Trees. Flowers. Water. Grass skyand the animals. More then HUMANS. I DINT listen to what others have to say when it comes to what I feel. Eye have a Strong. Strong. Strong whole that I seem to CANT break threw. I’ve Neva like wearing shoes. Yes I meditate often. With my best friends my Cyrstals. I’m sick of reading all this SPIRITUAL stuff on social media. I’m a Spiritual BEIN THA limes and need Contact. Holding. Feeling touching. I like to hear Voice. Sound. Communication. I like looking in PPL eyes. Thas the way eye can see Into their soul. Yes even tho it’s groups and teachings on here. But still at the end of the day I’m still in a RM. All alone. I’m sick of it. I feel as though I was sent to the wrong family. Thoses ppl neva love me. It’s one thing to say LOVE someone. And it’s another thing to show love. Love is s verb to me. Action. I want my own business I don’t know were to start especially in this man made place were society puts a piece paper first called money. I NEVA value money. I don’t let paper make me or tell me who eye am. I no longer eat the flesh and blood meet tha is. I feel like my true family on the other side some were. I tend to run PPL off a lot. With my darn mouth I’m just ALLLL OVA the place. Yes I’ve read some ur knowledge. And others. But at the end of the day I’m still all alone. U like it at times. But. I’m getting tired of it. It feels like I want to break out prison. Yes I know I have SOOO much to offer others. Mentally. Spiritually and PHYSCIALLY. But I always seem to find myself. Right back getting stuck in STUPUD. If eye can just release this strong hold. I no I will but my finger in the ground and the. This world upside down. Because eye know. I’m that Spiritual BEIN to do it. Just need a boost.

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