Sadness Explained (in a Positive Way)

Sadness can be a guiding light.


It can let you know that it’s time for your soul to do some growing… that you’re ready to let go of trauma and ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

In the releasing process, you may very well feel downright drained emotionally or plain old down because you are simply processing emotions, which takes energy out of you. 

sadness explainedAllow this stage to teach you the meaning of existence, knowing that if we can not fully honor the process then we can not fully enjoy what comes next: Space. Freedom. Peace. Happiness.

After the storm, the sun always shines… and most importantly, it was always there to begin with.

We just can’t see it when we are dealing with the rain, but what if we danced in that rain instead?  What if we allowed its presence to open us up; to show us our strength?

If we didn’t hurt, we would be weak. Many of us think our pains mean we are not strong, but the truth is quite the opposite.  

Just as you must destroy your muscles through working out in order to grow them, and a day or two after a workout your body will be sore, think of your emotional and spiritual growth similarly.

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The only reason you are hurting is because you are letting go – or are being encouraged to seek deeper within.

I used to fight off my sadness. I didn’t want to sit in the space of my pain because it was overwhelming, but I knew running wouldn’t work for me any longer either.

I needed a new outlook, and admittedly, it took me a long time to find it, but these days? When I’m hurting, I honor it. I know that my feelings are temporary, and are also imperative for my soul’s growth. I surrender to them, and it allows me to love them even though they are difficult.

My sadness makes me whole.

There is no need to fight life… there is just a need to enjoy and appreciate the full spectrum of what it offers us.

Where do you think you can create space to not get overwhelmed by your emotions?

Where can you honor and embrace your sadness, or your down times? Everything we experience teaches us, so whatever obstacle or difficult time before you is your friend.

Accept it and you will see that your pain alleviates.

There’s no need to hide – you are here, you are seen + you are needed and loved.


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