What The Full Moon Says For Your Life

This full moon is different than the others — it’s seriously infected with some extra bright, super illuminating vibes.


This is not one of those full moons that is meant to blow your life up (like the last full moon did for me), but rather, is meant to help us all have clarity at an otherwise confusing time of human history.

Let’s face it: we all need some inspiration right about now. We all need something to wake up for a little more these days. We need some positivity on the news and we need to know that the effort we are putting in is going to be rewarded.

This full moon is the universe’s answer to that. It’s a reminder that yes, we are heard, we are seen, and our dreams that we have been working so damn hard for are all coming.

And so is peace.




So in order to help the energy move swiftly and to create abundance with the moon’s powerful energy, write down what you’re trying manifest in your life and what you’re most striving for. Write all that you’re opening up to and are willing to allow to flow freely and fully because it’s YOUR time.

On a separate sheet than the one where you write down what you’re working towards, write down what you’re ready to release. Perhaps it’s doubts that you’re holding onto, or insecurities that are still bubbling up even after all these years.  It’s okay, we all have them.  Get them down on paper because this moon’s energy is a huge helper to release those burdens from your shoulders. After all, you’re not in this alone… you’re in this with ALL the energy of the cosmos and this full moon can help you remember that and TRUST it.full moon

Ah, trust. That’s what this full moon is bringing us to. With the world seemingly falling apart around us, a lot of us have been having a hard time trusting what all of the chaos is for. Yet, there’s no better time than right now to see that while the world may be “falling apart”, we can begin to create the world we want to.


Our thoughts, actions, beliefs and intentions create the world that surrounds us and we are able to either see the world with loving eyes or with scorned ones.


It’s time to choose love.  It’s not only what the world needs but it’s what EACH OF US needs. It’s our day to choose love and rise in it, and as the full moon orbits above us in its full powers, it gives us the opportunity to tap into love unlike we’ve ever tapped into it before.

Sit in that love. Meditate in it. Breathe in it.

It’s a beautiful, heart opening time right now and so you don’t need to *do* anything but *be*.

Sure, you may be creativity inspired and I’m all about that (I even help people tap into their creativity + you can sign up for my upcoming free creativity webinar HERE), but perhaps it’ll serve you more to RELAX and slow down. Allow this energy to percolate within you and supercharge you for what’s to come because there’s a LOT of goodness on the way.

There’s a lot of goodness and so are you, so allow yourself this time to reflect, to continue to surrender, and to have faith that something extraordinary will rise out of the ashes.

I thank you for reading this and honor your path. Say YES to self care, say YES to opportunities and say YES to silence during this beautiful full moon.

Say YES to LIFE.

Love you,


*Here’s that link again to join me at my upcoming creativity masterclass, where I help you tap into allllll the inspiration inside your heart — Click here* 🙂

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  • Holly

    Garrett, this was a beautiful piece. I just love your positivity, your smile, everything. Thanks so much. Just found your site today.

  • Thank you so much Holly! What a beautiful comment to have found right now. So appreciative of it and YOU. Hope your week is full of peace and great joy. <3

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