How To Face Rejection On Your Road To Success


It’s not about the outcome

It’s about the task

It’s about creating what you want to create

And Making the life you want to make

And it doesn’t matter about dollar bills

The future is in the hands of the people whom make their own destiny

We’re not a group of people who has things handed to us

We’re not a group of people who have things fall into our lap

That’s not reality

And nor do we want it to be

Because it tastes sweeter when we work for it

It tastes like gratitude, filling our morning cereal, every morning, when we’ve put the consistent effort into making our dreams a reality and when, finally, after all those false starts and unhappy moments of our hearts… they do. They are our reality.

We can’t let the biggest of nos keep us from enjoying the process

We can’t let someone’s inability to see our worth keep us from knowing it

And we sure as heck can’t allow our mind to believe other people’s doubts,

The world is yours. You don’t need a big break. You don’t need validation.

You don’t need anything from anyone. All you need to do is have fun. Just wake up, grateful, to be able to put things into perspective for yourself so you can ask questions so you can find the answers

To be able to know that it is all going to work out

It may take years, but you’ve got the time to learn, so why not?

If we never were let down, we wouldn’t know what victory tastes like

Every obstacle gives us a chance to learn something about ourselves

Every obstacle gives us the ability to see that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for

Every obstacle gives us awareness, and awareness opens the door for new opportunity to come

Because usually we are one lesson away from that miracle happening

We are one lesson or experience away from our dreams taking off

And we have to hear ‘no’ and we have to have doors slammed in our faces before they open

We have to learn how to open our own doors

We have to learn how to say yes to ourselves and show up

And never, never let ourselves down

Because that’s what true success is

Our character is tested in the times of chaos and confusion, and our reactions, how we react in those times of chaos and confusion, make up the kind of people we are

Are we dramatic, and fall apart when the storm comes brewing? Or are we grateful for the opportunity to grow, and calm, knowing that this is just one step closer to our almighty dreams?

Do we have enough belief in ourselves that we know that whatever happens, we can handle. Whatever happens, we can overcome.

Whatever happens, we can learn from, grow from and help others from our experiences. Because everything we learn we learn simply to pass on the wisdom to others


So what have you learned and where can you pass on your wisdom?

We are here to teach and inspire and build community with one another, to encourage…

And you never know when your next opportunity is going to come

But what you do know? Is that The Universe Has Your Back. So let it catch you.

Trust. Trust. Trust. Every setback in gearing you up for greatness.

With love,


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