Hi, I’m Garrett Paknis.

I want to help you find yourself + live with passion.

Get To Know Me, Garrett:

Even though I now live the life of my dreams, five years ago I found myself awake for 72 hours on the bender of alcoholic and drug benders, and I stood in front of the mirror, unable to recognize who was staring back at me.  I looked into my eyes and didn’t see anyone.  I felt disgusting, shameful, and didn’t know where to turn for help.

In that very moment, I knew I had two choices: whether I cleaned up my life and lived, or continued down the path I was on and wound up six feet under.  I didn’t know how I would fix my life, but I knew I had to decide if I was going to.

Once I was faced with what death looked like, I chose life.  Something inside of me wouldn’t let me give up.  All those dreams I spent years dreaming wouldn’t die.

What happened over the next five years changed the entire path of my life.  And while my spiritual awakening was traumatizing, and there were many days I wanted to give up, I didn’t.  I kept on going, sometimes putting one foot in front of the other even when I couldn’t see the ground.

In our greatest difficulties come our greatest rewards.

Eventually and luckily, I started to see things differently as my perspective began to shift. My unhealthy attachments faded away, and I began to live a life worth living. I could finally breathe. Now I help others do the same.

I know we are more than the stories we tell ourselves, and we are meant to share the story of our lives.  It doesn’t matter how others perceive us… what matters is how we define ourselves.  We can overcome anything, and are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.Forgiveness of past

Yeah, I’ve struggled hardcore with alcohol and drug abuse and was also wrongfully diagnosed as bi-polar at the age of 22 after an eleven day stay in a mental hospital, but those times of my life don’t define me.

I’ve gone from having it all, to having very little overnight, and I lost who I was in that process, but then I was able to find the real me. I am thankful and grateful to be the man that I am today.

Now I get to help others find themselves (as an intuitive healer + spiritual mentor), and this is the greatest gift.

Making progress is a process, but when we do it together, we can get to where we want to go at rapid speeds. That’s what Just Enlightenment is: your community for rapid growth. Your haven for insight and guidance.

My spiritual development has been the foundation of my life and my soul searching has taught me that every moment is an opportunity to learn. To grow. To change. To love. And every moment is an opportunity to allow some sort of undefined thrill to wash over you.

Let’s come out of hiding and live in complete ecstasy, my friends… this is what I wish for you. From my heart to yours, yo!


Founder Just Enlightenment

Just Enlightenment is a simple approach to the big topics in life and is an encouraging space to remind you that you are right where you are meant to be. We feature articles and stories about resilience, vulnerability, connection, spirituality, relationships, how to make positive life changes, dreams, and more. We want our readers + viewers to let go of what holds them back and fall (even more) in love with life; we lead with our heart and soul around here and know that everyone has a story that needs to be told. Our mission? To tell those stories in hopes to reward you with increased clarity in your life. After all, clarity is a necessity in order to make our dreams our reality. Without a clear vision and intent, we will never be able to experience the life that we all individually deserve. Let’s remember what we individually deserve, together. It’s all about community here. We are all worth it.

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