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"Every path of truth has a cost, but the opposite path costs more."

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Sadness Explained (in a Positive Way)

Sadness can be a guiding light.   It can let you know that it’s time for your soul to do some growing… that you’re ready to let go of trauma and ascend to a higher level of consciousness. In the releasing process, you may very well feel downright drained emotionally or plain old down because you are simply processing emotions, which takes energy out of you.  Allow this stage to teach you the meaning of existence, knowing that if we can not fully honor the process then we can not fully enjoy what comes next: Space. Freedom. Peace. Happiness. After the storm, the sun always shines… and most importantly, it was always there to begin with. We just can’t see it when we are dealing with the rain, but what if we danced in that rain instead?  What if we allowed its presence to open us up; to show us our strength? If we didn’t hurt, we would be weak. Many of us think our pains mean we are not strong, but the truth is quite the opposite.   Just as you must destroy your muscles through working out in order to grow them, and a day or two after a workout your body will be sore, think of your emotional and spiritual growth similarly. Get My Free Guided Meditation The only reason you are hurting is because you are letting go – or are being encouraged to seek deeper within. I used to fight off my sadness. I didn’t want to sit in the space of my pain because it was overwhelming, but I knew running wouldn’t work for me any longer either.... read more

Step Into Your Strength: The Truth Of Power

Never forget your strength or your humility when you leave your front door. A lot of us think that the two are not combined – that confidence needs to be cockiness, or wearing armor around our sensitivities gets us more bed partners or instagram likes. It doesn’t. The only thing it gets us is further away from the reality that our power comes from our heart, and our power is accepting of all and is open to change. The truth of power is that it admits when it’s wrong. It doesn’t have the need to be right or for others to be wrong. It gives freely, knowing that it doesn’t need to put its name on everything it touches; it can help others shine on their own accord because it is the best support system out there. It’s also the best friend to the long days of our life. Our power reminds us that everyday won’t be perfect, and won’t always feel worth it, but it is.  There is a method to the madness and our strength teaches us that we are ever-evolving beings who will get another opportunity to come our way when the one that we want most doesn’t come knocking. Our strength tells us to trust.  To surrender.  To know our dreams are on their way and our intentions are being fulfilled even when we can’t feel or see them being so. The truth of power is that it’s made up of peace. Our power is knee deep in honesty and guides us to making the choice that is best for all parties involved. Own it. Garrett Paknis Love this?... read more

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